Vehicle Client - Production Release #12102

We've just posted a new Vehicle Client Production update!

In this release you'll find:

  New Features & Improvements -

  • Login sync - improved time to complete
  • Sleeper Berth - Drivers can now access via the Delays menu
  • Companion App - added an Apps tile to access installed apps (when available)
  • GPS - will send a GPS Lost event when accuracy is poor (>100m)
  • Unhook Trailer - changed trailer default to unchecked

  Resolved Issues -

  • Driver Performance - Speed/Boost rule penalizing engine braking
  • GPS - displaying speed at times when vehicle is stopped
  • Modals - not always displaying results in sorted format
  • Geozone - events erroring when no vehicle included in payload
  • Start-up - sync fails when no vehicles available
  • Hanging - added a timeout to help prevent any occurrences
  • End Shift - not displaying Location modal when GPS lost