Vehicle Client - Production Patch Release #9969


We've just posted a new Vehicle Client Production Patch update!

In this release you'll find:

  New Features & Improvements -

  • Driver Logs - added Split Sleeper 16-hour Rule support (18.1(a))
  • Delays & Activities - changed 'Cancel' option to 'Abort' since selected event is recorded

  Resolved Issues -

  • Device tethering - suppressed the ability for Drivers to use the tablet's data plan
  • Activation screen - pressing the Android back button causes error
  • Fuel Tax - StateExited events not being sent to the server
  • Updating - Navistream could crash if network connection is interrupted during app download
  • Home Terminal - user can't login when value is 'null'
  • Driver Logs > BC Logging - not accounting for Rule 37.15(1)(b)(i) where Driving time should be limited by 15hr shift window
  • Driver Logs > Canadian Federal - Deferral time not restricting available Drive time