Vehicle Client - Beta Release #8377

We've just posted a new Vehicle Client Beta update!

In this release you'll find:

   New Features & Improvements -

  • Loading / Unloading - merged the Waiting to Load / Unload screen into this activity. Driver can now toggle between Waiting and Load / Unload
  • Waiting to Load / Unload - tiles are removed
  • Delays - re-arranged to display 'Take a break' in the #1 position
  • Offline Mode - forced when cell connectivity established but no data throughput
  • Fuelling - new vendors added - 'Co-op' & 'Yard'
  • Login Flow - 'On Duty' icon changed to 'Start Shift'

   Resolved Issues -

  • Activation - tablet failing to boot with no network
  • Pre-Trip Inspection - error when 'Skip' button pressed twice
  • Activities - crashing when unable to get date
  • Login sync - no always displaying sync progress
  • Starting Shift - when to GPS, last location not being used
  • Organization - updates not always sync'ing to tablet
  • Fuel Tracking - only capturing whole numbers (no decimal values)
  • ECM Engine events - failing to record part way through shift

Drivers will have to update their devices when prompted (on boot-up or login). Here's a link to what they should expect to see.