Web Client - Production Release #6206

We've just deployed a new Web Client Production release!

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    New Features & Improvements -

  • Fuel Tracking - two reports added:
    Fuelling Summary report displays all the fuelling activities entered by the Driver on the Vehicle Client and calculates performance.
    2. Fuel Consumption Summary and Detail reports are Trip based reports that aggregate fuel data collected from the vehicles ECM module capturing Empty Leg, Loaded Leg, and Idling data by Vehicle.
  • Unit Selection - Organizations and Users can now set their preferred system units. (Note: the Users default units are the Organization's units. The Organizations default units are Metric.)
  • Report times - now displayed in the selected Driver's Organization or Vehicle's 'Managed By' timezone

    Resolved issues -

  • Location URL being displayed when printing reports
  • Driver log violations appearing on the current day after editing
  • Date selector sometimes loading the wrong day on Driver Logs