Vehicle Client - Production Release #6483

We've just posted a new Vehicle Client Beta update!

In this release you'll find:

    New Features & Improvements -

  • Header - updated design now includes the remaining Driving time, Current Time, Connection Type and Battery Level
  • Activities / Delays - redesigned with functionality to adjust the Start Time and select Cancel
  • Personal Use - events added to properly calculate distance travelled
  • Driver Logs - distances now display to 1 decimal place and Lat/Long values reduced to 5 decimal places (aka. 1m resolution)
  • Start / Resume Shift - moved location of 'Skip' button

    Resolved Issues -

  • Driver Log tile not updating the number of unsigned logs when crossing midnight
  • Personal Use when trailers are attached is not returning user from the Unhook Trailers screen back to the Personal Use screen
  • Deleted assets displaying in Asset list
  • Selecting the Back button in the Pre-Trip Inspection can inadvertently return driver to the Asset screen
  • Driver Log sync with server (every hour) causing unwanted data usage

Drivers will have to update their devices when prompted (on boot-up or login). Here's a link to what they should expect to see.