Web Client - Beta Release #5858

We've just deployed a new Web Client Beta release!

Please hit the refresh button on your browser to access this latest version.

    New Features & Improvements -

  • Off Duty Reasons - Administrators can now add break reasons for the drivers to select on the Vehicle Client
  • Personal Use - events added to properly calculate distance travelled
  • Location - included map to display all Geozones on Main page, increased map size on Edit page, and added a Color property
  • Inspections - Location Name map link added
  • Devices - ICCID field added
  • Shift Details report - now includes the following events: Shift Started / Ended, User Logged In / Out, Auto Login, Low Battery, GPS Lost / Acquired, Change Regulations, Network Lost / Acquired, Personal Use Started / Ended
  • Daily Logs - now includes the following remarks: Driver Logged In / Out, Auto Login, Break Started / Ended, Personal Use Started / Ended

    Resolved issues -

  • HOS Editing - violation not always being added when appropriate
  • Cycle Time Detail report - not displaying partial trips
  • HOS Regulations - Canadian Federal 18.1 (d) not included in Effective Regulations section