Vehicle Client - Beta Release #6199

We've just posted a new Vehicle Client Beta update!

In this release you'll find:

    New Features & Improvements -

  • HOS calculated locally on the tablet
  • Drivers can update Driver Logs when off-line
  • Driver can select to 'Remain On Duty' when logging out
  • Asset selection retained when driving for a different OU
  • Driving status now triggered at 15kph instead of 20kph
  • Vehicle speed reported every 10 min. when not driving

   Resolved Issues -

  • Personal Use - when no Vehicle selected caused error
  • Speed violation indicator not persisting when exiting and re-entering the Dashboard
  • Entering Personal Use not always placing driver Off Duty
  • Driver Logs displayed 'Cycle 1' for BC Logging and US Passenger regulations
  • Driver Logs only displaying 14 days including today

Drivers will have to update their devices when prompted (on boot-up or login). Here's a link to what they should expect to see.

Please refer to this documentation for more details.