Web Client - Production Release #5592

We've just deployed a new Web Client Production release!

Please hit the refresh button on your browser to access this latest version.

   New Features & Improvements -

  • Cycle Time Report - Summary and Detail reports display Trips grouped by Load and Unload location with times, distances and durations over a 7 day period
  • Trip Report - displays Trips for a given day
  • Edit Logs - simplified workflow
  • Reports - 'Export' feature added
  • Locations - 'Show All Locations' added to Geozone map
  • Device - admins can now select a Release Channel (beta or prod) for specific tablets
  • Location Types - added 'Off Highway' type
  • Vehicles - 'Shared With' now only available for vehicles with 'Trailer' Type Class
  • Fuel Tax Report - now sorted by date

   Resolved issues -

  • HOS Violation - notification still displays after Driver Log edit
  • HOS Violation - "Started a shift before 8 hours of consecutive off duty time had been accumulated" incorrectly displaying in particular scenarios
  • HOS Violation - drivers who aren't in violation in rare cases display as if they are

Please refer to this documentation for more details.