Vehicle Client - Beta Release #4791

We've just posted a new Vehicle Client Beta update!

In this release you'll find:

    New Features & Improvements -

  • Added functionality to capture Fuel Tax data
  • Duty Status tile - has been removed from the Main screen
       Note: to take an Off Duty break Drivers need to select the Delays > Taking A Break tile
       Note: to switch to different regulations, view the Daily Log and select the Options button
  • Navistream update prompt now occurs before login
  • Navistream restarts on logout

    Resolved Issues -

  • GPS connection was not getting retried when unreachable
  • IMEI and ICCID were not being sent with the device information
  • Login sync would fail on occasion when Tenants had 1000's of Users and/or Assets
  • The current Driver Log would display wrong date in header when in a different timezone than the Home Terminal timezone

Drivers will have to update their devices when prompted (on boot-up or login). Here's a link to what they should expect to see.