Web Client - Beta Release #3819

We've just deployed a new Web Client Beta release!

Please hit the refresh button on your browser to access this latest version.

   New Features & Improvements -

  • Fleet Tracking - Edit Driver Logs
  • Fleet Tracking - Vehicle clustering on map
  • Fleet Tracking - Vehicle label added next to marker
  • Fleet Tracking - Icon added (globe) to view all vehicles
  • Fleet Tracking - Clicking vehicle marker will now automatically follow and reposition map
  • Administration - Ability to restore deleted users
  • User permissions and left menu simplified
  • User friendly error messages added
  • Selected organization now persists using browser navigation


   Resolved issues -

  • Driver Logs - Canadian Federal - Incorrect Regulation cited for > 14 hours On Duty in a day
  • Date picker not correctly updating view
  • Date picker fixes for daylight savings time