NaviLink3 set-up

  1. UNPLUG and TURN OFF the Navistream tablet.
  2. GENTLY insert the cable connector into the NaviLink3 device with the pins aligned and at a straight angle. When fully inserted, the latch will lock.
    Note: Rough or improper handling can lead to damage and not covered by warranty.
  3. DO NOT pair the NaviLink3 to Bluetooth with any device (i.e. your phone). Navistream will automatically establish the connection.
  4. TURN OFF the vehicle.
  5. PLUG IN the cable attached to the NaviLink3 into the applicable vehicle port.Note: ALWAYS use the vehicle's dedicated ELD port when available on your year/make/model of vehicle. It'll typically be a RP-1226 (as shown below) or OBDII connector type. For more information, please contact our Support Desk.
  6. VERIFY a slow flashing green LED appears indicating that the device is powered. Also verify a flashing orange LED appears indicating that the internal GPS is in acquisition mode.
    Note: a solid orange LED indicates that the signal is locked, but you can proceed to the next step without waiting for GPS lock.
  7. TURN ON the vehicle's engine.
  8. VERIFY the green LED becomes solid.
    Note: that for power management reasons, the LEDs may not stay on all the time.
  9. TURN OFF the vehicle's engine.

SAFETY WARNING: Securely fasten the NaviLink3 and attached cable away from the driver and vehicle controls so that it in no way interferes with the vehicle's operation.

Navistream set-up

  1. Turn on the Navistream tablet and allow Navistream to load (i.e. the Login screen is displaying).
  2. Touch/press the tablet's 'Home' button 7 times in rapid succession. (reference article)
  3. Touch 'Install' on the 'Support Menu' screen.
  4. Touch 'New Install', then 'NaviLink3'.
  5. Restart the tablet by pressing the power button and selecting 'Restart'.
  6. When Navistream relaunches, repeat step 2.
  7. Touch 'Info' on the Support Menu screen. (reference article
  8. Scroll down to the 'ECM' section to verify there's a connection.
  9. Turn on the vehicle's engine.
  10. Verify there is vehicle data showing (i.e. VIN, RPM, Odometer, ...).
    Note: there will be some parameters that won't display. A changing RPM value is a good indicator that the connection has successfully been established.
  11. Plug in the Navistream tablet to the provided power adapter and verify there's a power connection established.
    Note: use the existing USB cable from the tablet (cradle) to behind the dash and plug it into the provided adapter to power the tablet. If you don't get an indication that a power connection has been made, you can use the USB cable provided or order a replacement cable for the existing one that is not working.