Sending Messages

There are two ways to send your users a message using the website.

Method 1: Via the Reports or Administration Tabs.

When viewing the Reports or Administration tabs,  you will see an icon that looks like two speech bubbles near the top right corner of the page.


Clicking on this icon will bring up the messaging screen. You will see a list of your users, and their messaging history.

If this is a conversation with a user you haven't talked to before, or you can't immediately find them in the message history, then you can press the "New Message" button.

When composing a new message, you can choose a name or names from the list by clicking on them and you can filter the list by searching in the 'To' Field.

Three options are presented immediately below the 'To' Field.

  • Add All: This will add the usernames of all users that are setup in the system to the To Field.
  • Add Active: This will add the user names of any drivers that are currently showing as Active on your Fleet Tracking View
  • Remove All: Will remove all currently added names from the To Field.

Enter the contents of your message in the message box on the bottom right hand side. To send the message, hit the enter key, or click the round button to the right with a symbol of a paper airplane on it.

Please note that Navistream DOES NOT have 'Group' messaging. If you're sending a message to multiple users then each user will receive their own individual message from you and they will be unable to communicate with one another or know they were included in a mass message.

Alternately, you can continue an existing conversation by simply clicking on the person's name, and then entering your text in the Message box.

Method 2: Via Fleet Tracking

First, make sure you are on the fleet tracking tab..

Then, select the Drivers View from the Drivers and Vehicles on the left sidebar.

Click on the name of the driver.

The message history for the driver will be displayed in the bottom left panel. New messages can be sent to the driver by entering text into the bubble labelled messaging and then clicking the paper airplane icon to send.

Note: if you cannot find the bottom panel, then it may have been minimized. If instead of two large boxes you see a smaller box containing the drivers name, and a symbol of a road, you will need to click on it to show the panels again.

You can hide inactive drivers by clicking the "Hide Inactive" checkbox.


As users respond to your messages, you will see a count of unread messages by the speech bubble icon on the top right of the website.

The names of any users with unread messages will show in bold text in the Messages list. Simply click on the name to view the unread message and / or continue the conversation.