The Micro-B USB Tester (seen below) is designed to identify faulty USB cables in your Navistream installation.

While a USB cable is attached, a red LED should turn on. This indicates the presence of 5V on the cable and must be on constantly to indicate the cable is passing power through correctly.

Additionally, while a USB cable is attached a blue LED should begin to blink. This indicates that there is a data connection between the cable and the NaviLink device installed in the truck. This light must be blinking to indicate a good cable.

How to Use:

  1. Disconnect the USB cable from the Navistream Tablet

  2. Connect the end of the cable that was in the tablet to the Micro-B USB tester

  3. Watch for the LEDs on the end to turn on. As noted above, the red light should remain constantly lit and the blue LED should be blinking.

    NOTE: The NaviLink has a feature that disconnects the charging and data signals every 30 seconds. You will notice when testing USB cables that both LEDs will not be illuminated during this period. This does not mean the cable is bad. You must wait until the LEDs are lit again to ensure proper testing.

  4. In order to thoroughly test the cable, wiggle and flex it back and forth while connected. See figure below for an example of how to do this.

  5. If the cable is faulty you will see an interruption of the Red and/or Blue LED lights.

    Red LED: The Red LED must be constant at all times while testing the cable, if you see an interruption in the Red LED, the cable is faulty.

    Blue LED: The Blue LED flashes indicating that data is flowing from the NaviLink, if the Blue LED stops flashing while testing the cable, the cable is faulty.

    The LEDs must exhibit this behavior during the 30 seconds where the NaviLink is actively sending a USB signal. The NaviLink will stop sending a USB signal every 30 seconds. During this time testing the cable is not reliable.

The videos below show examples of how to use Micro-B USB tester correctly

Example of a good cable being tested:

Example of the 30 second timeout as mentioned above:

Example of a faulty cable being tested:

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please contact the Navistream Support desk for additional information.