CAMERA vision by Lytx

       Streamline is pleased to bring video telematics to the Navistream platform

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Tamper Resistant Case available

Here are some of the key features:

  • 3 high-quality cameras - 1 road (1080p) and 2 cabin-facing cameras (720p) - one for night vision

  • Event capture - harsh acceleration / deceleration, sharp turn, tailgating, etc.

  • Onboard AI - detecting cell phone use, driver unbelted, food & drink, smoking and more!

  • Live streaming - video or snapshot of what's happening right now!

  • GPS tracking - location updates on Fleet Tracking

  • Event button - drivers can manually create an event by clicking the red button on the bottom of the camera

  • Camera-only operation - location tracking and reports for all your vehicles (Navistream ELD tablet is not required)

  • Deep integration - a constantly improving set of features in the Navistream Web Portal (