With the latest update to the www.mynavistream.com web portal (released 2019-06-10) you'll see a number of cosmetic changes to the portal's interface. We'll go over each of the changes and what they mean to you below:

  • In the upper-right hand side of the screen, the logged in user's profile link and sign out button have been replaced with a small menu button.

  • In this menu you'll find a link to edit your profile (name, email address, password), change system settings, a helpful link to our support site (http://navistream.stti.ca) and a sign out button. Included as well is a link to a new System Settings page. More information about what's included in System Settings can be foundĀ here.

  • The sidebar on the left side of the screen can now be hidden by pressing the the sidebar button on the top left. Pressing this will collapse the menu and give you more inner screen room. To see the sidebar again, simply press the button once more.

  • The "Management and Settings" tab at the top is now simply titled "Administration".