This indicator on the driving dashboard will let you know if you've lost connection to your vehicle's ECM. If you're seeing this icon consistently or many times throughout the day, please try the following basic troubleshooting steps:

Please note that when this happens your tablet may have stopped charging at well.

  1. If you're using the Streamline provided RAM Locking Cradle, ensure that the cradle's tightness setting is set to 8. Instructions on how to do this are located here.

  2. Check to make sure your tablet is properly seated in the quick-release cradle. Try removing it and placing it back into the cradle and re-locking it.

  3. Check the connecting cable to ensure it's still connected. This green connector may become loose or damaged. Check to make sure it's still in working condition.

  4. Check to see if your tablet is still receiving power. If it's not, try connecting the tablet directly to the USB cable coming from your dash that's mentioned in step 2 above. For help removing the IntelliSkin case on the tablet, look here.
    • If you needed to use step 3 or if any parts are damaged/not functioning then please contact support for additional troubleshooting and repair options.

If any of the above work to restore the connection to your tablet, you'll see the red ECM indicator turn white.